Airline Rescuers


  • Ana Carolina Sobreira
  • Guilherme Oliveira
  • João Elias
  • Manuel do Carmo Universidade Lusíada


Airline, Safe, Trust, Rescuers


Recently, at a global level, the COVID19 pandemic has had an impact on both people´s lives and companies. This has been devastating the economies, leaving the entire sector completely destroyed. Thierry Breton, European commissioner of interior markets, points out that airlines may suffer up to 90% drops in their activity. Following these discussions, some of the measures presented, which aim to regain the confidence of air travel consumers, will provide them security. Among the different measures considered in this work, we propose to explore the implementation of the Certification of aviation infrastructures, the offer of an individual Containment Kit (disinfectant gel, protective gown, reusable mask, gloves...), the disinfection of spaces before and after each flight and the mandatory use of protections, as well as the passage of consumers of aviation services and their luggage through disinfection capsules at the entrance and exit of the aircraft. With the establishment of these measures, is expected a gradual return to normality in this fundamental area in the economy and, in particular, in Tourism.


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